We stock wines we like to drink

They often have things in common. They're mostly from Europe - we've got to limit ourselves some how - and they reflect both the work and skill of the grower and the history of where the wine comes from.

This usually - but not exclusively - means small estates, organic or biodynamic viticulture and are generally made with a minimal number of interventions on the way to the bottle. But most of all it means we think they are delicious and we hope you do too. 

As well as our refillable wine, we offer a constantly changing, small selection of wines by the glass. We also hold regular tastings of wine and beer at Wright's.

We have much the same attitude to beer & cider

We stock beers from exciting craft breweries like the Kernel, Partizan & more locally the Handmade Beer Co, Seren & Celt. The beautiful ciders of Hallets in Crumlin, Skyborry in Powys, Cyril Zangs & Eric Bordelet of Normandy are a mainstay on our shelves.


Refillable Wine & Cider

From barrel to bottle

Our refillable wine comes from Borough wines and the Welsh cider from Hallet's or Skyborry. Buy a bottle, refill it as many times as you like. You'll find our latest refillables on our homepage, here.

Private Tastings

Taste wine and beer with us

We organise private tastings of our drinks. To find out more, get in touch by dropping us an email maryann@wrightsfood.co.uk.