Mondavino £20.00 including food and wine tasting

Jonathan Nositter’s poignant film trails through the vineyards of the world picking up the scents of global winemaking and documenting the collisions between commerciality, tradition and terroir. Rather like the wines it quietly espouses the film is subtleand nuanced rather than a piece of crashing propaganda but is none the less effective in reminding us of that the joy of wine is in it’s distillation of the land, the fruit, the people that make it and the culture it is born of. At a time when wines are overwhelmingly being made in a homogenous global style - no matter where their origin - the film is a beautifully assembled rallying call for wines that taste of where they come from and not where they are going to. We’ll drink to that.

There will be five wines to taste chosen in the spirit of the film and some grub at the end too.