The Hepburns are back - as if they ever really went away. Purveyor’s of delicious pop since the late 80’s we serve them up in their latest range of flavours accompanied - as they were always demanding to be - by a fine range of charcuterie and cheeses. £15.


In their own words:

‘Five Miles of Line’ by The Hepburns. Real Wales. Imagined.

‘Five Miles of Line’ by The Hepburns is a fictional train journey across Wales, involving real places – Swansea, Llanelli, Jersey Marine, Ferryside – in an imaginary setting, where the past and the present, as well as the real and the fantastic, intermingle. These boundaries are blurred in any case, but as our industrial past ebbs away, the so-called ‘real’ Wales becomes disturbingly uncanny, an unfamiliar version of itself. The real Wales must be imagined before it can be discovered.

The ghost train is departing soon. Tickets please.


Praise for The Hepburns last album “How the Fallen are Mighty”

“How the Fallen Are Mighty is the work of a poet. A mosaic of witty, fantastical, individualistic songs that sound well alone and collectively form a breathtaking panorama of lyrical imagery and eclectic sound. I don’t know where this work stands in today’s polluted pop waters, but I fancy that back in the more bracing airs of 1981 it would have been celebrated as the major achievement it surely is.” 
—Mike Alway, él Records

“I have no idea what happened. One minute I was at a madcap yet elegant party trading barbs with shimmying sophisticates, and the next I was in a gutter with my lapels askew and this album clutched in my trembling hands. Where did the Hepburns come from? What have they done to me? Why does the rest of life seem so dull in comparison?” 
—Lemony Snicket