Or 'dinner with wine'  a simple plan, but then we are simple folk with simple tastes.

Nobody does simplicity in food and drink better than the Italians and the thing about offering simple food is that it has nowhere to hide, no frills to veil the beauty or otherwise of what's on the plate or in the glass. To fill the latter,  we have chosen wines from some of our favourite producers - very individual but with a shared belief in letting nature do most of the work. In the pursuit of simple good manners we will introduce the wines to you and chaperone them with food that is either Italian in origin (with cured meat from some of the best artisan producers) or in inspiration. 

£45 includes 5 wines and 5 courses of food.
Call us on 01558 668929 during opening hours or email maryann@wrightsfood.co.uk to book a table.