Sunday 25th March 7.30

Book by calling 01558 668929 or by email maryann@wrightsfood.co.uk

Matt Powell is a forager and a fisherman who uses the coast and countryside of Pembrokeshire as his larder, but what marks him out is that he is an exceptional chef too. Over the past few years those lucky enough (we went and we felt very lucky) to get a taste of his wild cooking will have done so in a tent or, more recently, the awning of a caravan. For one special night he’s coming indoors proper to cook for us and you. There’s a limit to what one man can forage, even if he is Matt Powell - so numbers are limited to around 35 for this one.

Here’s the 7 course line up:

Bread & Butter

Wild Garlic - variously preserved

Cured and air-dried Welsh mountain lamb

Onion and butter broth

“Egg in the hedgerow" - Slow cooked duck egg yolk - Hedgerow edibles – Last year’s mushroom sauce

Rye grains – Goats cheese – Ground elder (v)

Beef shin – Potato – Sea radish – Scurvy grass – Shin juices

Fresh cheese – Preserved blackberry – Sorrel

“Stack rocks” Gorse flower custard – Ash and birch meringue

£50 per head.

Here’s a few words from Matt himself:

The outdoors comes indoors. Everything we need surrounds us...Most people have forgotten that it is there, I look to the past to guide people to a better future." 

Just coming up to five years ago now I set out to do something completely different here on the Welsh coast. These last few years have been a journey and an adventure, and an amazing opportunity for me to learn a great deal on what we actually have here in Wales. 

My journey has sometimes been magical, and all the time inspiring, a revelation and at some points so exhilarating and beautiful it has brought me to a level of sheer awe. 

Hunting for wild edibles is very exciting I forage as sustainably and as mindfully as I can, nothing is ever picked from the root. 

I gather the ingredients for you in all different types of settings. I travel high up on the hillsides and mountain woodlands of Wales for fungi, the rivers and estuaries for plants, and I search the foreshore for seaweeds and other edible items too. 

The quality of the produce in many parts of Wales is superb, from the depths of the sea come scallops and I believe the best lobsters in the world. If great food memories make a dish, then I am spoilt with a huge array of inspiration out here. I count myself very lucky to walk the path I am on. 

Matt Powell - Fishing and Foraging Wales. 

Watch Matt. You can see and hear more of  the wonderfully zen like Matt here as part of the Munchies guide to Wales - Matt starts at 10.45 ish but the entire episode is worth watching as is the whole series on Wales.