How's Castro?

Wright’s has been in its new home for a few weeks now and the question everyone seems to be asking is “how’s Castro?” So we sat down in the winter sunshine with the Towy Valley’s most talked about feline to ask just that question.


So, Castro, how did the move go, you lived in Nantgaredig for 16 years, don’t you feel like a fish out of water now you’re on the other side of the River Towy?

First of all I never feel like a fish, ever, for a cat that would be weird right? I’ll miss Nantgaredig and maybe Nantgaredig will miss me too. I like to think so...

Why did you leave?
Well, things were getting complicated around there, too many negative waves and a lot of seriously bad kharma gathering on the horizon.  I’m too old for those kind of shenanigans and anyway, what was it Sun Tzu said “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by”. I’ll buy that.

And I guess you have to go where your owners take you?
You might want to rephrase that.

Well like any cat you’re kind of...dependent
You haven’t thought this through have you dude? It’s like Christopher Hitchens once said, “a man feeds and waters a dog and the dog thinks the man is God. A man feeds and waters a cat and the cat thinks he’s God”. Ipso facto dogs are stupid and the cats are calling the shots. 

God I miss Hitch.

What’s good about the new neighbourhood?
It’s a little early to tell, I’m in no rush. Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone. There’s a little black she with white socks hanging around, that’s pretty interesting for a start. One thing’s for sure - the vermin around here have had it their own way for too long. Their lives are about to change.

You are the face of Wright’s. You’re on the sign and of course every bottle of catsup. How do you deal with the attention?
Well first of all fame is a lie, obviously. Also it’s just another word for notoriety - so you have to know what you’re dealing with. Just because people see me on a sauce bottle they think they know me in some way but of course they don’t. So there’s like this “Castro” they have in their heads and then there’s the real me. As long as I remember that I can handle it, it’s not my problem if other people can’t. 

You live in a food store and cafe - that must be kind of idyllic for a cat.
It has its moments but you shouldn’t get the wrong impression. I know where the lines are drawn...

Yes but there was the incident with the pork belly....
Do I have to go over that again? It was along time ago, I thought the guy had finished eating. Anyway I don’t do that stuff anymore......

I think we’re about finished here don’t you?

Yes, just finally, tell us about the name “Castro.” How did that come about?
Well it didn’t “come about” - I was given it. I know some cats get hung-up about that whole naming thing and they never respond to it, but I guess I got lucky. The more I found out about this Fidel dude the more I liked him and just like me he’s still hanging in there after all these years. And oh man you have got to respect those whiskers.