Castro on Chilli Catsup, celebrity endorsement and the temporary nature of being

You’re the face of Wright’s new Chilli Catsup - what persuaded you to let that happen?

Well naturally there were certain inducements involvement, why pretend otherwise. It’s hardly news - does anybody think Brad Pitt did the Chanel ad because he was enchanted by the smell? What does Marco Pierre White like best - Bernard Matthews turkeys, Knorr stock cubes or money? Work it out for yourself.

I’m as vulnerable to the lure of a handful of fish based snacks as the next cat.


But you must actually like it, right?

Do you really think it’s aimed at the feline market? How many cats do you know that eat a spicy relish? In the 70’s there was a guy called Clement Freud who advertised dog food, nobody asked him if he ate it. 

Anyway, eight out of ten cats say their humans prefer it.


How do you know that?

I asked ten cats.


On that note, now you’ve relocated, how are you getting on with the other cats in the area?

Things are settling down now, territorially speaking. I’ve been tough, but fair. There’s no need for any drama, we all have to look after our interests.


That sound’s a little like something Vladimir Putin might say.

That’s the Russian dude with the bad comb over? Was he bullied at school? I think so.


You’re a cat that lives in a cafe and delicatessen - how would you describe your relationship with food?

I don’t have a relationship with anything. That’s where you humans go wrong. 


Can you elaborate on that?

It’s chaos out there, I accept chaos. Somedays the sun is out, others it’s not. If the sun is shining I find my place in it. When it goes in - maybe there’s a place by the fire. Who knows?  I can fall in and out of love a dozen times a day. Sometimes I give, sometimes I take. It’s like Gurdjieff said, you have to work out your morality on a daily basis.


Talking of the sun, spring is here, I guess you love the summer.

Just yesterday, I took a walk down to the river. The water runs pretty much east to west, so if you get the timing and positioning just right, you can watch the evening sun sink into the River Towy. It’s pretty special.


I’d like to photograph that....

Like I said, that’s the problem with humans...